Different Kind of Bride Essentials

Dear Thriving Bride,

There are 72 days before I am to marry PJ, and the dish of the day is this:

The day started early with a morning walk, then a bathroom break at a friends house (they were also preparing to host a wedding at their luxurious Bed and Breakfast) which turned into breakfast with members of the wedding who had arrived from Austin.  All of this is to say that the day has just begun really and it is only about 12:30 in the afternoon, but the advice I have for you today is this:

Find something to do every day that relaxes you and reduces your stress level.

I was feeling kind of down yesterday after talking wedding/ budget/ wedding/ budget/ chairs/ flowers and flower girls with PJ.  You see, it’s almost its own bizarre language.  At the end of yesterday evening, we were both exhausted and wanted nothing more but to crawl into our beds and sleep. The thing is, getting married is like having a baby.  You don’t get time off. You are working and doing whatever else it is that you need to do while you are also getting ready for an important day.

The thing to remember is this: Think more about how you want to essentially feel on that day and less about the form of it.  If you want to feel luxurious, splurge on some beautiful pearls and ditch the gold bracelet from your great aunt if that doesn’t resonate with you (remember to kiss her on the cheek several times as you let her know that you would totally love to wear it on another occasion).  It is the day to be your best self, which you try to cultivate everyday the only difference being that on this day you get to parade it around.  Now, isn’t that a show to put on and be proud of!