Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Process of Planning Your Wedding!

Don’t forget to play! Me and my fiance playing footsies.

Dear Thriving Bride,

When we first got engaged, PJ’s high school buddy and best man told us to enjoy the process of getting ready for our big day.  He said the wedding day would come and go, and to pay attention to everything involved in planning for this day.  He was right!  It is a truly wonderful experience because you get to discover and rediscover your fiance every day.

I am getting married in 55 days and until today I had no idea PJ would be interested in taking formal dance lessons for our first dance.  Well, he does.  He even suggested the Tango, and we might have to reserve that very sexy dance for a very private moment.  I remember the day we sent out our SAVE THE DATE email.  We both chuckled as we counted to three and clicked the computer’s mouse in unison.  There was excitement and there was this vast adventure of the unknown that we were about to embark upon.

So, while you’re picking your flowers and trying to squeeze one last line item into your budget, remember to laugh and have fun!  This day is very important, and it truly will be amazing regardless of if you serve one type of meat or three.  But, it won’t be that incredible if you and your fiance are barely speaking to each other as you stand there ready to commit to spending the rest of your lives together.  Get the point?

Don’t forget to play.  Don’t forget to laugh.  Don’t forget to go on dates, even when you are trying to keep your head above water.  Know what to hang onto for dear life (some things must be what they must be on this day) and what to let go of.  Be true to you, but also to the both of you.

Warning to Brides: Unless you are planning on marrying yourself, you need to consider your fiances feelings and desires when planning y (our) wedding.  It really is not about you, but about both of you.

Stay tuned for my top 10 tips for making your  wedding planning process more fun and less stressful!



  • Jill Guerra

    Do you know how grateful I am that you’re doing this!?

    • uchechi

      Now, I do! I am so grateful that you are reading them and that there are things here that can help you and other brides as well.