Bridal TLC: Be a healthy bride and not a hungry bride!

  • Jill Guerra

    I am getting married in 2 months and I started a cleanse a few weeks back with the intention of losing some weight. The dress I picked fits me, but it would look a whole lot better if I wasn’t bloated. Anyway, the cleanse only lasted 4 of the intended 10 days because I couldn’t do it at work. But what happened was I was forced to really think about food, habits, emotions, etc… I learned so much about myself and soon after starting, the goal became about health and self-control, emotional eating, and being to resist when it’s just about making myself feel better. I will do the full cleanse again during Thanksgiving week (I hate turkey) because I want to clean my system out and start anew before my new life as Chris’ partner (official). Thanks fo sharing the tips. They should be always and everyday.

    • Uchechi

      Your’re welcome. Thanks for reading!