Redefining Your Pre-Bridal Past: You Cannot Change Your Parents

  • Crystal Calderoni

    wow! what stress your brides must through as this is the untold tale most people won’t or don’t admit. Thanks for putting us in there and you out here with us!

    • Uchechi

      Hey Crystal,
      Thanks for reading and responding. The truth is, it was stressful at first but then I realized that the real stress came from the cultural expectations of family and who is and isn’t one’s parents. I decided that the game was not working for me, so I needed to change the game. It’s all about how we handle the stress. Again, thank you for your support! And yes, I am doing this to tell the truth and speak for myself and others like me.

  • jill

    Proud of you… that took a lot of courage. You are so brave and strong. I am so glad you are journaling all of this through a blog… it is so healing and one day you will look back and see how far you’ve come. I love you… see you in 2 weeks! xoxo

    • Uchechi

      Thank you Jill!
      I am very proud of myself as well. This blog has really given me what I needed to go through this journey in a healthy way. I sure do hope more women start talking about these issues in private and public before they walk down the aisle.