Wedding Day TLC: Top 5 Tips for Enjoying Your Wedding Day!

Dear Thriving Bride,

written on my wedding day (11/10/12)

I want you to know that I am the bride in you writing this for the wife you will be in the next few hours.* It is the morning of your wedding, and already the sun is coming up. I have always marveled at how each sunrise signals the possibility of starting over and beginning again. I want to tell you a few things that will be important for you to remember today, and I need to tell them to you now before all the business of the day starts.

Happy and excited on the morning of my wedding day!

Happy and excited on the morning of my wedding day!

1.Today is an exciting day, but the love and relationship you have with PJ is not solely about today. It is about the rest of your lives. So, remember to have fun and if something becomes stressful, remove yourself from the situation and find your dear man and hold him close. It is in this moment that you will remember why you are doing this and everything else will come second.
2. Don’t forget to take in every single second and savor it. Look at the love you have created and nurtured around you. It is an amazing thing! Do not let other people’s stress or business of the day take that away from you. Soak it in!

Want to read more?   Click here to read the rest of this article on my most recent blog Thriving Wife.   I’ll still post ideas, inspirations and memorable moments from my wedding on this blog, so don’t worry.  You can enjoy both! Enjoy!